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About us


Dr. Prosper Bernard moved to Michigan from Minnesota in the 1920's. He received his medical doctorate and opened a practice in the Delton area in 1928. In the early 1930's he constructed a small hospital to assist the needs of the greater community. After serving in the military during WWII, Dr. Bernard returned home and trained as a radiologist. He was in high demand at the time since x-ray technology was still in its infancy. After Dr. Bernard retired from practicing medicine, his interest in the history of the area blossomed. He founded the Bernard Historical Society and Museum in 1962 with the help of many like-minded residents. Dr. Bernard generously donated his land and the old hospital to the society.


Today the museum is home to eight buildings and more than 40,000 artifacts. The museum's holdings date from prehistoric times to the 1930's and 40's and include items relating to Indian settlements, early Barry County settlers, and some of the doctor's medical equipment, now considered antiques. The museum sits on the north shore of upper Crooked Lake and is the perfect destination for history buffs, families, schools, or anyone interested in rediscovering our collective past.

Upcoming Events

As a general rule Board meetings will now be on the 4th Monday of the month. The public is always welcome to attend. Currently we are meeting at the Museum at 5:30 PM.

Current Board Members:


Rod Kroes, President                                       Steve Goebel, Vice-President                      Harriet Olson, Treasurer

Tana Hardy, Secretary                                    Mike Wachowski, Trustee

Jill Marcusse, Trustee                            Elspeth Inglis, Trustee

Karen Goebel, Trustee

Nancy Hibiske-Reed, Trustee

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